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About Us


Butterflies for Kids Planet Kid Program is a children's science/environmental sustainability and advocacy program. Our portable program strives to engage participants to become responsible planet partners through hands on workshop activities that demonstrate green infrastructure principles that help counter effects of climate change and extreme weather events.

About Our Education/Programs


Large event environmental educational hands on activities for children and families. I.e. Discover Presque Isle, Loving The Land,

Hands on interactive program teaching township green infrastructure sustainability “Your Role In The Rain” performed at the Pennsylvania Water Festivals held at Penn State Behrend.

Online education links: i.e. How to Plant Your Baby Tree (over 600 views)
Environmental community advocacy action creating ordinances for green infrastructure within our Plant it Forward Community Tree Planting efforts: community:

Annual Holiday Hospital Book Tour made with our A to Z Nature and Me Acitivity book to all children in all hospitals at Christmas.


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Founded 1996 - 501-c-3 Non Profit 25-1770435 

Founder/Program Director/Developer: Diane C. Esser 

Board Chair: Dr. Kathleen Noce, Penn State University The Behrend College 

We are partners with the Pennsylvania DCNR program and

the Foundation for Sustainable Forests


Butterflies For Kids Planet Kid Program Mission Statement
Celebrating 20 Years of Environmental Sustainability Education
The mission of Butterflies for Kids is environmental science sustainability education content delivering dynamic interactive activities and workshops designed to instill a sense of environmental global awareness conducive to becoming a responsible planet partner.


Our Planet Kid Program is a portable, non-profit organization that enriches the lives of underserved teen youths, including at-risk teens. The program is driven by volunteerism of this demographic. We provide community service hours that allow our teens to become valuable contributing members of our community. They responsibly interact through our environmental education events and build lasting friendships and gain valuable mentoring opportunities.

We are partners with the Pennsylvania DCNR and the Foundation for Sustainable Forests. In partnership with the Foundation for Sustainable Forests, we have spearheaded The Floraroze Habitat. This habitat is 106 acres in Girard, Pa. that will continue to remain a natural habitat. It will employ sustainable forest practices and provide resources for young environmental science students to engage in natural habitat studies.

About the Founder:

Diane Esser, Member Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators
Facebook: Diane Christin Zenchenko-Esser
"Look to the Light" c1995
"The Kids of Northgate" c 1990
"Short and Sweet on This and That" 2015
Produced: "Sherwin's Search for Science" 


Below is the poem 'Butterflies" which was the launch name of the program.


Small Butterfly Butterflies Small Butterfly

As a caterpillar inching along its trail,
I watch you move toward your story, your tale,
I watch the silent and rhythmic motion
moving toward nature's mystical potion. 
Your journey takes you to where you'll spin 
to a place where you will again begin. 
I want to see you unstretch and behold 
wings that will take you to places untold. 
I want to see you lift yourself to the skies 
and see the world with your heart and your eyes. 
The fierce winds of life may blow you around, 
new force in your wings will need to be found. 
Remember you worked so hard and so long. 
Take flight again. Again you'll be strong. 
Lift yourself high, toward pastel brushed skies 
into a world of wonder and of butterflies. 
 By: Diane Esser, Founder